Additional Needs and Disabilities

Starfish are proud that they are one of the very few swimming schools in the North West Of England qualified to specialise in disability swimming lessons for children with additional needs and disabilities. Our instructors have also completed a sign along qualification and foundation introduction in British Sign Language. We have also undergone intensive specialised training in how to teach children and young adults with additional needs and disabilities.

We have a varied, energetic and creative approach to these lessons as past experience has taught us it is the best way.

We currently teach children with the following disabilities

Muscular Dystrophy
Genetic Disorders
Learning Difficulties
Behavioural Difficulties
Heart Conditions
Downs Syndrome
Spinal Cord Injuries

Autistic Spectrum
Cerebal Palsy
Global Development Delay
Hearing Impairment
Visual Impairment 

If you child has a disability that we haven’t mentioned above please do contact us and we will do our utmost to accomodate them at Starfish. We also have use of the hydrotherapy pool which has sensory aids.


Read what some of our customers had to say

"James swimming lesson with Nichola is invaluable to us. She has so much experience of working with special needs children, I totally trust her to adopt her teaching style to meet James specific needs. James is now confident in the water having overcome a period where he was really quiet unsure."
"My child enjoys her weekly lessons and looks forward to them. Its given her confidence, enjoyment and great social interaction. She knows everyone here and is constantly encouraged and praised in a way that no other activity could offer."
"Our son has ASD & ADHD, I found Starfish School Of Swimming on the internet. I cannot express how fantastic this has been for my son Nichola and her team are an inspiration to children with additional needs. Their teaching techniques are superb. Within 2 months our son is a confident swimmer who improves week after week. Thank you for everything."
"Jack has hemiplegia, it is good that he is in a class with other children like him as he doesnt get singled out as different. The teachers take their time to make sure all children are performing to the best of their ability."
"Shauna has severe learning difficulties amongst other disabilities. The progress she has made has been fantastic and she is still progressing all be it slowly. Shauna has developed a good relationship with Nichola & Allison and they get the best out of her through the use of sign language and caring natures. To us their swimming school is unparalled."
"Swimming at Starfish is important to me because its one of the only places where somebody like me feels comfortable with the way i am taught and the facilites. I have Cerebal Palsy and when i am in a normal swimming class its really difficult to swim the way i am used to and thats why Strafish is special to me."